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Buy Type 59 (an account with them) - make a gorgeous gift. Prem 8 level with excellent balance allows you to quickly and effectively to farm millions of experience, and at the same time get a lot of fun in the process, because it will throw you do not have a powerful dozens.

Woe to those who did not buy a car, was the removal of the model from the market in Wargaming. And, apparently, you can only envy the lucky ones who managed to get the tank-dream, but today you have a real opportunity to get the Type 59 by buying the account, on which there is a miracle.

Tanks in the hangar:

Premium - Type 59, E 25, 8.8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger

USSR - T-62A, IS-4, 7-IP object 261, MT-25
Germany - Maus, E 75, Sturer Emil, VK 30.02 (M), Jagdpanzer IV
France - Lorraine 40 t, AMX 50 120, ARL V39
US - M53 / M55, T28
China - 113

Abstract - An object 268, SU-101, Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger, LTTB, the AMX 13 F3


After payment you will receive a login and password to log into your account with tanks Type 59, E 25.
Within 40 days after purchase you will not know the password of the mail, as well as the account will be attached to the phone.
After 40 days you will be sent a password by email and charged binding account to the phone.

password transmission time by mail and withdrawing account tied to the phone can be reduced to 1 month to leave positive feedback to the product.
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