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(Rus. World of Tanks; abbr. WoT) - client massively multiplayer online game in real time in the genre of arcade tank simulator in the historical setting of World War II, developed by the Belarusian studio Developers are positioned as a massively multiplayer online game in the genre of action with role-playing elements, shooter and strategii.Kontseptsiya «World of Tanks» is based on a team of tank battles in the mode of PvP. Online release of the Russian version of the game took place on August 12, 2010. The release of World of Tanks in Europe and North America took place on 12 April 2011.

The game uses a business model free-to-play. Initially declared only a free download of the client and free entry to the game, but in June 2013 announced that the strategy for all existing and future gaming is «free-to-win» - the complete absence of any advantage in the battle for paying players.
Gameplay «World of Tanks» is based on the battle of two randomly selected teams of 15 players - at the same time as a team can be combined with tanks of different nations and years of manufacture, real tanks and experimental models. Conditions victory in the battle - the complete destruction of the opposing team or the seizure of his base, for which one or several tanks must be marked in the area for some time, without receiving damage.

1. The store provides you immediately after payment access to the mail to which the server account "RU" is tied. All accesses have the form - login @ domen: password.
2. Recover the password from the account using the password recovery function on the site:
3. Accounts 100% without binding the phone. The binding at the post office is not a substitute for replacement.
4. All operations for changing the data are carried out by the buyer. We do not provide methods for changing data.
5. We are not responsible for your actions. Can you change the password / resold / gave the friend / computer viruses / etc ..?
6. Refund only if the seller is unable to make a replacement within 72 hours from the date of purchase, otherwise there is no refund.
7. Claims and replacements only with the provision of video purchase and data entry in the account. (Recommended programs: for recording - to download the video:

If you do not agree with at least one of the items, please refrain from buying. Thank you!

Please do not leave feedback "BAD" until the problem is solved, but just write a message in the form of correspondence with the seller.
Seller will reply to your message within 72 hours. Be patient.

It is highly discouraged in the first 2 weeks to contact Wargaming´s technical support for any questions, be it a tank restoration and so on.
Support may suspect the change of the account holder, and this is prohibited by the user agreement.
From the Wargaming user agreement:
"5. The following actions are prohibited to the user:
Use the Account (gaming account) of another person, as well as alienate or otherwise transfer his or acquire, including by exchange or receipt, a User Account (gaming account) of another person. "
The store is not responsible for the actions of Wargaming.
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01.06.2017 13:45:39
Щдравствуйте, продавец если ошибается, то всё исправляет. В общем всё хорошо.
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Спасибо. товаром остался доволен.